The Actiiv Story

Actiiv founder and creator, Jared Reynolds, first began researching hair loss solutions when he was in medical school. He was experiencing hair loss of his own, but did not like the side effects he was experiencing with prescription medication, and did not have time for an intensive, multi-step system that left his hair and skin feeling irritated and dry.

Utilizing his background in medical research, Jared developed a unique shampoo and conditioner based system that utilizes plant-based, nutraceutical ingredients to effectively and naturally combat hair loss of all types. In the years since, Actiiv has expanded its revolutionary technology into multiple hair and beauty lines that help promote healthier hair and skin all around.

Why are we different?

Our formulas are created with nutraceutical ingredients and technologies that are unique to Actiiv. Unlike other hair loss solutions that use chemicals, pills and other harmful ingredients for less than impressive results, Actiiv is easily incorporated into any routine. You simply replace your regular shampoo and conditioner with Actiiv 3 times per week. That's all it takes to begin your hair restoration journey.