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Recover for Hair Loss

Actiiv Recover is a two-step, shampoo and conditioner-based system for men and women who are actively experiencing hair thinning and shedding, or simply want to prevent hair loss before it starts. Utilizing high-quality nutraceutical ingredients and a proprietary green tea delivery system, Recover is able to target hair loss right where it’s happening, for the most comprehensive and effective way to stop it. We believe in promoting a healthy scalp and strong hair from root to tip, and that starts with health on the dermal level.

How Recover Works

Unlike competitors who use harsh alcohols on a topical level, Actiiv uses a green tea delivery system to naturally and gently widen the hair follicle channel to allow our nutraceuticals to reach the hair follicle and cleanse it of DHT, the #1 cause of hair loss in men and women.
• Special ingredients including Saw Palmetto and Red Clover not only cleanse the follicle of DHT, but protect against future build-up for 48 hours. That’s why you only need to use Actiiv products every other day.
• Our amino acid complex helps to strengthen the structure of new hair growth, promoting hair that is less vulnerable to breakage and thinning.
• Aloe-based conditioner formulas encourage a healthy, balanced scalp, which is a main factor in thicker, fuller hair growth.
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Renew for Hair Repair and Health

Actiiv Renew is a two-step shampoo-based system designed to bring dry, damaged and dull hair back to life. It uses a unique amino acid complex to heal and protect hair from the inside out, restoring shine, strength and resilience to all hair types. It also increases the rate of hair growth, allowing for faster, stronger growing hair. Ideal for those who use extensions, color or chemically treat their hair, who want to protect it against unwanted damage.

How Renew Works

Utilizing the same nutraceutical technology that's in our Recover line, Renew is able to strengthen the hair structure and keep the hair in the growth stage for longer. Our natural ingredients work like vitamins for the hair, coating the cuticle in our amino acid complex. This protects hair against factors that cause damage, while also working to strengthen the hair structure allowing for hair that has more shine, and is less vulnerable to split-ends and breakage.

• Designed to work on all hair types from thin and straight to thick and curly.
• Alpine Willowherb is the magic in Renew, which allows the hair to stay in the growth stage for longer periods of time.
• Visibly leaves hair softer, healthier and shinier in just a few washes
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